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I have had health issues for as long as I can remember.


When I was young, I wet the bed nightly, had a lisp, and was painfully shy and anxious. All of this was exacerbated by other children making fun of me. Then, as soon as I hit my pre-teen years, I developed terrible acne. This was psychologically debilitating as an already shy and self-conscious 11-year-old, so I tried everything from harsh prescription topicals and endless antibiotics to three rounds of Accutane. But, as soon as I stopped taking these prescription “remedies,” the acne would return with a vengeance—and with some bonus side effects.

As a young adult, after countless medical assaults on my body in an attempt to erase my skin condition, I developed angrier acne, this time compounded with chronic bloating, gas, and anxiety in the form of excessive sweating, rapid heart rate, insomnia, chronic muscular tension, and absolutely zero self-esteem. At this point,

I had concluded Western Medicine was not only not my savior, but it was actually the cause of my litany of health problems. So I decided to try and figure out how to heal it on my own.


I was in college and enrolled myself in the university’s Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Program while I worked toward my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. This opened many doors along the natural health path for me. I became passionate about bodywork, good nutrition, aromatherapy, and natural home remedies. I soon became the resident health expert among my friends and family, inspiring me to learn more to heal myself and others. 

I was now a Licensed Massage Therapist and became a Holistic Health Coach in my early twenties. I continued researching and taking courses in holistic health, as I was still dealing with the aforementioned health problems, albeit to a lesser degree. I mostly shopped at health food stores, took supplements, and went to the chiropractor, but I couldn’t quite find the perfect recipe to attain the natural vitality I knew was possible. 

While working at the semi-famous Los Angeles-based Erewhon Tonic Bar as an herbalist and self-proclaimed “superfood specialist,” I was inspired to return to school to become an Acupuncturist. I had been suffering from an ear infection that all the herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and superfood powders I had access to couldn’t touch. A renowned Chinese Acupuncturist came highly recommended to me by my Erewhon co-worker. I went to the appointment, and the Acupuncturist didn’t speak a word of English, so I mimed to him about my ear problem. He responded with a nod of understanding, looked at my tongue, took my pulse, put some needles in me, and sent me home with a paper bag filled with stinky herbs and what looked like tree bark, which I was instructed to boil and then drink for three days. On the second day of doing so, my three-week ear infection completely cleared up, and I was impressed. I wanted to learn how to help people in a similarly efficient and systematic way instead of throwing everything at a problem and seeing what stuck (as I had been doing). 

Two weeks later, I was enrolled in a four-year Master’s degree program for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Herbalism.


That was one of the best decisions I ever made, as I felt I had found my path and had a much clearer lens through which to perceive nature, health, and the lack thereof. I was still dealing with mild but manageable chronic health issues, but I was now treating it all with Oriental Medicine, and my chronic imbalances were starting to improve. 

The big turning point in my life occurred during my last year of the program. I was required to do an acupuncture externship at a hospital. To do so, I needed proof of certain vaccines I had received. I knew I had gotten said vaccines as a child, but I had no way of proving it, as I needed to provide documentation to the hospital. So I begrudgingly made an appointment to get these multiple vaccines for the second time in my life. 

Soon after I received these vaccinations, my health took a dramatic nose-dive. I developed right hip pain, seemingly out of the blue, that would keep me up at night. I lost my appetite and began losing weight rapidly. My tooth cracked, and I had to have an emergency dental procedure. My skin started breaking out like when I was a teenager again. I became sensitive to many new foods and developed constipation. I was always cold, and my insomnia was now a nightly occurrence and completely unmanageable. Over-the-counter sleep remedies and Chinese herbal formulas were no longer doing anything for me. I needed something much stronger, as I would not sleep at all many nights per week. So I began drugging myself with potent medical marijuana to (hopefully) sleep each night, which evolved into an eight-year-long, costly, and dehydrating dependency.

Looking at the trajectory of my rapid health decline in hindsight, it seems obvious that it was a result of the multiple vaccines I received. But, unfortunately, I was so programmed to believe that “vaccines are safe and effective” that it didn’t pop out to me as the culprit of my downward spiral. I also was accustomed to dealing with various chronic issues. The only difference was now all of it was dramatically intensified and almost unmanageable. 

And so, in my utter confusion about why I was so unwell, 30 pounds thinner, constantly feeling cold and wearing multiple layers, accustomed to sleep deprivation, dehydration, constipation, and dealing with all kinds of chronic inflammation, I obsessively dove into intense health research and experimentation on myself.

As a result, a vast amount of my time was spent reading about some new health discovery I had made and re-diagnosing myself, pretty much weekly:


“It’s candida overgrowth. No, wait, it’s actually parasites. I think I have a latent, undiagnosed viral infection. Nope, it’s definitely the mold exposure from my childhood apartment. It does seem a lot like allergies—more specifically, food allergies. Okay, it’s food sensitivities. I’m thinking it’s gotta be multiple chemical sensitivities. It’s a hormonal imbalance. It’s undiagnosed PCOS. It’s a spinal misalignment. No, it’s a possession.” 

I put myself on multiple detoxification cleanses and had a cupboard filled with supplements, herbs, and powders. I would never dare eat at a restaurant, as I couldn’t trust the poor quality ingredients they used or the hidden ingredients. My food sensitivity blood test had me believing I could only eat a handful of foods safely. I amassed an impressive library of health literature. I went to myriad specialists, healers, and shamans, determined to figure out what the hell was going on with me and how to fix it. I was a regular fixture in the supplement aisle, scanning all the inventory, making sure I hadn’t overlooked one of the possible “cure-all” potion bottles. I also spent tens of thousands of dollars enrolling in various certification training courses to learn some new healing system to hopefully cure myself—or, at the very least, my patients. I was investing all my resources into my health detective work, and it only made me broke, even more lost on my path, and very unwell. I was also not improving. In fact, I was getting worse. 

During this era of intense research, I was guided to a Facebook page called “The Magnesium Advocacy Group”. It was created by a fellow researcher, named Morley Robbins, who had discovered some common-sense healing measures based on people’s most common health issues. It was called “The Root Cause Protocol” (RCP), based on mineral and nutrient balancing, and ancestral nutrition and wisdom. I regularly participated in the online forum, followed most of the protocol recommendations, and soon joined his institute as a student to become certified as a Root Cause Protocol Practitioner. I wish I could say that’s where the story ends because that’s how I finally healed. However, I still had more health discoveries to unearth…

Years later, in December 2021, I listened to a health podcast while rolling around on a lacrosse ball to help ease my chronic pain. I was preparing for a trip to Costa Rica for another dramatic attempt to heal—an Ayahuasca ceremony. I was digging into my chronic right hip pain with the lacrosse ball when the podcast topic shifted to the dangers of vaccines when—BOOM!—I had a flash of intuition: I WAS VACCINE-DAMAGED! All of these memories and visions came flooding back to me of my right hip pain and sleeplessness occurring suddenly shortly after receiving those vaccines. The sudden weight loss, allergies, constipation, proclivity to coldness, inflamed skin, tooth cracking—and overall health freefall—all unfolded during that short period. 

I immediately called my university to ask which vaccines I had been given. Sure enough, I had gotten the MMR and TD vaccines, and now I knew the culprit in my rapid health decline. I could now research what was in those vaccines, which organs they most affected, and be more specific in my healing approach. So, that’s precisely what I did as soon as I returned from my Costa Rican Ayahuasca ceremony (where I got much more confirmation on the subject, but that’s another post). I refer to 2022 as The Great Vaccine Detox year.

While most of the world was busy getting covid-19 boosters, I was doing everything I could to rid myself of the vaccine poisons injected into my body years prior.


Meanwhile, professionally, I was helping all my patients detoxify from their incessant inoculation frenzy. It was pretty ironic and undoubtedly timely. 

I spent about a year and a half educating myself about vaccines: the untold damage they cause, the corruption and controversy around them, and all the ways to heal from them. I experimented on myself, by trying all kinds of vaccine, heavy metal, and parasite cleanses, with often very intense and uncomfortable detoxification side effects. But, I did start to recover. I regained most of the weight I had lost, warmed up, and got off the medical marijuana and other sleep aids as I had gotten my sleep issues to a more manageable nuisance (I’ve never been a good sleeper). However, I still had chronic pain. My skin was still a nightmare—now with dryness and rashes. My digestion and elimination were terrible, causing chronic bloating and constipation. I still had more work to do.  

Then, in 2023, I stumbled upon a podcast episode featuring Raymon Grace, a renowned Dowser and Energy Healer. His no-nonsense approach to illness and healing really spoke to me. We had very similar mindsets about the state of the world, why people are so sick, and what must be done to correct this whole mess. The only difference between us was that he had an incredibly simple methodology for healing that mainly involved dowsing with a pendulum to get information about a person’s health problems and then correcting it with the same pendulumn-dowsing method coupled with a strong intention for it to be corrected. I excitedly enrolled in his next available training in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, where he taught our class everything he has been practicing for the last fifty years, with wild success. During the course, he praised Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work of The Emotion Code and The Body Code as being very effective as well, since most problems begin in the psyche and are emotionally-rooted. I had already studied The Emotion and Body Code years before, but didn’t have success with it then because my intuition and muscle-testing/pendulum-dowsing skills hadn’t yet been developed to trust in the process. Now armed with the new-found healing techniques from Raymon Grace’s course, I revisited The Emotion and Body Code and have been finding incredible success with it, as a prominent adjunct to my energy healing method that I offer, as well as one of the main tools I use in my own recovery. Since combing these two energy healing techniques, I am doing so much better and all of my health challenges have either resolved or are greatly improved. 

My story is one of the “wounded healer”. I believe I came here with some health challenges built into my blueprint and speckled into my time line so that I could figure it out for myself and then help others heal. As much as it’s been a rocky journey thus far, it certainly makes life interesting and meaningful, especially when I “crack the code”, “fix the kink”, and then enjoy the quantum leap of recovery and evolution unfold in myself and those I am so honored to help.